Why Depression Is So Misunderstood

Time and again, people are very quick to stigmatize people suffering from depression as people who lack willpower or people with moral weakness. Our individualistic culture has exacerbated this mindset. It is also disheartening to see people so quick to judge people undergoing therapy or taking medication for depression as unnecessary support for a seemingly simple game of mind over matter.

Some people view such therapy as an easy way out for people who do not have the willpower to handle their predicaments. In contrast, others believe it is a toxic mind-control technique designed by conspiratorial forces. But why do people misunderstand depression? In this article, we look at some reasons why depression is so misunderstood.

It’s Easy to Hide It

After suffering from depression for so long, many people learn to hide it. Even though they feel terrible on the inside, they know to fake a smile and face life. This makes it hard for people around to notice the problem. The problem with hiding depression is that you won’t get the help you need, and the problem will continue to eat you from the inside. Since you just suppress it, it’ll eventually erupt, and when it does, it will be too late. As a friend of someone battling depression, it is always good to ask them how they are doing, even if they look okay.

It Is Different for Everyone

Although depression has several definable symptoms, it’s never the same for everyone. Unfortunately, many people assume that one person’s depression must be the same as other people’s. The truth is that people suffering from depression show varied symptoms, depending on the causes and severity of the problem. For instance, one patient may experience suicidal thoughts while another one will only experience difficulty sleeping. It’s also not surprising to find a patient with depression sleeping more frequently than usual. This makes it difficult for people living with a depressed person to know what they are suffering from. It is very wrong to try to fit a person’s depression into a box because it makes them feel misunderstood.

Depression isn’t the Same as Sadness

Many people assume that someone is just sad or moody without knowing that they are suffering from depression. So, they just sit and hope that the sadness will go away. Others assume that it’s just a phase and it will eventually vanish. This leaves the depressed person feeling misunderstood and may even sink deeper into depression.