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Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD)

What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

When you have a borderline personality disorder (BPD), everything about you feels unstable, including your emotions, relationships, goals, and even self-image. It’s like you are on a rollercoaster. It also makes you highly sensitive, with some people even describing it as having an open nerve ending. When you have BPD, it becomes challenging for you

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Family Therapy

How Do We Define a Functional Family?

It’s every parent’s and child’s desire to have a functional family, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s even difficult to tell if your family is functional or not. So, for you to know if you live in a functional family, you first have to understand an active family. This article will help you

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Emotional Difficulties

Treating the Emotional Difficulties of the Elderly

Although older people make significant contributions to society as volunteers, active members of the workforce, leaders, and family members, most are more susceptible to emotional disorders. Unfortunately, these emotional difficulties go unnoticed, even by healthcare professionals. Also, the stigma surrounding these complications makes older people hesitant to seek help. Whether you are a professional caregiver

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Traumatic Grief

Traumatic Grief is Especially Relevant Today

When a loved one dies suddenly, the people left behind often experience traumatic grief. Although this type of grief is generally new, studies have shown that it manifests symptoms that are almost similar to those of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, traumatic grief is focused explicitly on the person who has passed. Research has also

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PTSD is Not Limited to War Veterans

For so long, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has only been associated with service members and veterans because most of them exhibit severe psychological and mental health problems when they come back from war. According to a recent study done by BMC Psychiatry, combat experiences are the most noticeable risk factors for prolonged PTSD among veterans.

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Family Therapy

Helping Dysfunctional Families Heal

Dysfunctional families are known to be one of the leading causes of psychological problems in the world today. Children raised in such families believe that the strange behaviors, abuse, neglect, and conflict they experience are normal dynamics. Unfortunately, these habits may become permanently entrenched in these children, and the cycle of violence continues. Without the

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