Marriage & Couples Counseling

Marriage & Couples Counseling


Reconnect With Your Partner

Regain your constant communication with your partner and keep the connection alive. Divine Wellness Therapeutic Center works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues for married couples. We’ll help you get to the root of your issues, develop effective communication tools, and deepen the bond that unites you together.

We’ll help you improve your intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual connection, helping you to address problems and difficult issues, re-establishing trust after an affair or prolonged disconnection, handling familial/societal influences, solving problems and challenges, improving repetitive conflict patterns, and deepening the bond that unites you together.

We also work with clients before they are married, and at each life-stage event (e.g., empty nesting, retirement, first child, etc.) helping smooth the way to new family compositions, welcoming new members, and adjusting to new situations. If your relationship includes questioning the future, we can help provide clarity and communication through decision making and moving forward.

Our approach will fit you as a couple, integrating cultural sensitivity, EFT, Bowen, and other science-based appropriate frameworks and interventions. We make it safe for you to reconnect and move forward, no matter the challenge!

We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient’s individual needs in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. Call us to request for a virtual appointment.

Marriage & Couples Counseling

We offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each patient's individual needs in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere.
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