How Do We Define a Functional Family?

It’s every parent’s and child’s desire to have a functional family, but unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s even difficult to tell if your family is functional or not. So, for you to know if you live in a functional family, you first have to understand an active family. This article will help you to define a functional family.

What Is a Functional Family?

A functional family is a family where two adults (a husband and wife) are at the center of the family, in charge and pulling together in the same direction. It can also be defined as a family where all members team up to improve relationships when facing challenges.

Qualities of a Functional Family

Although there is no absolute way to define a functional family, several characteristics are generally identified with well-functioning families. Here are some of the main qualities of an active family.


Many relationship experts acknowledge that respect is an essential ingredient of a well-functioning family. For a family to function and remain united, everyone must be respectful. Furthermore, the show of respect among family members must be consistent. Also, family members must be kind-hearted to each other. That’s the only glue that will hold your family together for a long time.

Emotionally Secure

A family becomes functional if everyone in it is emotionally secure. This can only be achieved when all family members are allowed to freely share their thoughts, desires, dreams, and opinions. Nobody should feel intimidated to say what they think, as long as it is not disrespectful. Also, nobody should feel more entitled to belittle, criticize, shame, or dismiss other’s opinions.

Set Boundaries

A family without clear rules defining how far one can go when interacting with other family members is bound to break. Kids should be taught to respect and honor their parents all the time. Parents, on the other hand, should listen to their kids and respect their opinions. Also, parents should keep their kids out of their arguments and disagreements, and they shouldn’t make disparaging remarks about each other in front of their children.

Open Communication

For a family to remain united, there should be open communication. Even children should be allowed to speak for themselves respectfully. Communication shouldn’t only go through one member of the family.

Although these qualities are essential in a family, you should not feel like your family is a lost cause. No family is perfect, even the functional ones. But you must be willing to work on your family to make it better.