Being Married is a Constant Work in Progress

Whether you have been married for several years or you are just planning to get married, you need to understand and keep in mind the fact that no marriage is perfect. Since we grew up watching romantic movies and TV shows that portrayed marriage as an ideal union where only love, ease, and workability exist, we have been wired to intentionally or unintentionally approach marriages in keeping with the ideas propagated by the media.

By continually pursuing the elusive idea of perfection, we wind up destroying our marriages. We also miss out on opportunities to encourage and motivate our spouses to be better. But does this mean you can’t have a happy marriage? No, a happy marriage is attainable, but you must be willing and ready to work towards achieving it. In this article, we discuss the essential areas to work on every day to attain a marriage based on love and respect.

How to Work On Your Marriage

Clear Communication

Communicating with your spouse clearly and consistently is one of the most effective ways to make your marriage successful and healthy. Clear communication means being honest about your feelings without being disrespectful. So, be a good listener and always try to understand your spouse’s wants and needs. Although talking about general stuff like bills, business and kids is essential; you have to find time to share your thoughts and feelings about each other.

Appreciate Your Spouse

Always find time to appreciate your spouse, your relationship, and your family. People feel loved when they are shown gratitude for the little things they do. So, if your spouse cooks, do grocery shopping, or helps the kids with homework, appreciate them. This may take just a few seconds of your time, but it goes a long way in improving your marriage.

Make Time for Each Other

With business, work, and family responsibilities, it’s straightforward for spouses to lose the element of romance. This leads to insecurities and unfaithfulness. To avoid this, couples must find time for each other. This doesn’t mean spending the whole day together. You can plan a particular date once in a while. If you do not have time to go out, you can stay at home and have some quality time.

Build Trust

Researchers have found that criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, arguments, and contempt are among the most severe threats to marriages. These are destructive activities that can easily cause divorce. Learn to build trust by taking responsibility for your actions and arguing without being hostile.